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Welcome to Hitch and Arrow. We offer DIY supplies for macrame, weaving and fibre art. Luxe super soft cotton string and rope. Based in the Yorkshire, UK. Our mission is to inspire crafters and artists with the most sumptuous and beautiful materials. We also offer handmade macrame art for you, as making is at the heart of what we do. Thanks for stopping by!

How to Measure Rope for Macrame

Written By Amy Barker of Hitch and Arrow - Follow me on Instagram here. I also sell Macrame supplies, have a look here. So, how do you know how much cord to cut for your new Macrame piece? Let’s take a look. It’s a really common question and one that doesn’t have an easy answer as the types of knots and patterns in Macrame are pretty infinate in possibility.  While wasting cord is not ideal, running out of cord is an even worse situation, potentially wasting hours of your beautiful work!...

How to Choose Rope for Macrame

So this is a question I get asked A LOT. Macrame in its modern form is often done with a white or cream cotton rope. But which rope you ask?  Ok so there’s basically all sorts to choose from. I mean, you can pretty much knot any length of cord, twine or rope. Off the top of my head here is a list of materials that can be used for Macrame, with varying results and effects.  Cotton String Cotton 3 ply Rope Sash cord/ Braided Cord Luxe Cotton String Cotton String Jute rope/ twine Hemp rope/ twine...

our story


Hitch and Arrow was founded in 2017 by Amy Barker, a macrame artist herself, who loves experimenting with all things fibre.

Back in 2017 whilst on maternity leave Amy saw that macrame was gaining popularity but noticed a lack of high quality macrame string and rope in the UK. Amy made it her mission to source these materials for UK crafters and artists.