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Macrame Supplies

Welcome to Hitch and Arrow.

UK supplier of premium quality macrame supplies. Based in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Our mission is to inspire crafters and artists by sourcing and designing unique and high quality materials for fibre art.

Stocking beautiful macrame supplies including 100% bamboo & recycled cotton cords. Available in ranges including single twist string, 3 ply rope and braided.

We also stock stunning hand turned wooden macrame beads, made right here in Yorkshire.

Bamboo Cord

A world first! Single twist string made from  100% pure bamboo! An eco conscious choice that is light and luxuriously soft. It is obtained from the pulp of the bamboo plant and then spun into this gorgeous string.

Once you see and feel this string you will be amazed. It has such a soft satin feel that is unmatched to anything I have used before. It is a joy to knot with and will be perfect for macramé and weaving projects alike. The bamboo’s light reflective properties are so beautiful and will be a wonderful addition to your fibre creations.

Cotton String

Our Luxe Single twisted cotton string is the softest string on the market. It is made from a high thread count of gorgeous cotton, spun into one strand. You’ll find the luxe string to be softer than rope and feel lovely on the hands. It is great for macrame & weaving, especially wallhangings where you can get a gorgeous fringe by combing the strands.

Cotton Rope

Our 3-ply rope is made of three entwined strands, forming a strong and sturdy cord which is great for structured pieces such as plant hangers. It is easier to knot than our luxe single twist string so it is also a great choice if you’re only beginning your macrame journey. When you finish a piece, the three strands can be unravelled to give a wavy fringe effect. This can be further combed out or left in wavy sections depending on the style preferred.


Wooden Macramé Beads Large hole beads specifically designed for macramé. Hand-turned by a skills craftsman in the heart of Yorkshire in the UK. The beauty of the grain on these beads is absolutely wonderful. They are perfect for making a feature in your art work. Available in Oak and Sapele woods and sealed with a light beeswax finish.


Welcome to the new purpose built Hitch and Arrow studio space, right here in Sheffield.

I run regular macrame workshops from my studio at Grafter’s Yard in Nether Edge. I also teach at events such as retreats, festivals, private parties and hen do’s etc. To enquire about working with me, get in touch via the contact us page.

Click below to see upcoming workshops dates.

How to Measure Rope for Macrame

Written By Amy Barker of Hitch and Arrow - Follow me on Instagram here. I also sell Macrame supplies, have a look here. So, how do you know how much cord to cut for your new Macrame piece? Let’s take a look. It’s a really common question and one that doesn’t have an easy answer as the types of knots and patterns in Macrame are pretty infinate in possibility.  While wasting cord is not ideal, running out of cord is an even worse situation, potentially wasting hours of your beautiful work!...

How to Choose Rope for Macrame

  Macrame in its modern form is made with a variety of different materials. But which rope to choose, you ask? What is the difference between them all?   Ok so there’s basically all sorts to choose from. I mean, you can pretty much knot any length of cord, twine or rope. Off the top of my head here is a list of materials that can be used for Macrame, with varying results and effects.   Bamboo (available in String, Rope & Braided) Cotton String Cotton 3 ply Rope Sash cord/...

our story


Hitch and Arrow was founded in 2017 by Amy Barker, a macrame artist herself, who loves experimenting with all things fibre.

Back in 2017 whilst on maternity leave Amy saw that macrame was gaining popularity but noticed a lack of high quality macrame string and rope in the UK. Amy made it her mission to source these materials for UK crafters and artists.