Amy Barker - Macrame Artist & Supplier at Hitch & Arrow

I've enjoyed making macrame for around 22 years, having learnt the craft as a young teen growing up in North America. Back then it was all about the hippie jewellery made with hemp twine. I went mad for it and even sold a few things to some local shops in New Hampshire and then California to make some extra pocket money for myself.

Fast forward to the present day and macrame is making a comeback. What was massive in home decor in the seventies has now had a modern twist. Made with soft cotton rope and string rather than scratchy jute twine, modern macrame adds softness and a contemporary elegance to homes and installations alike. Plant hangers add to the indoor jungle vibe by lifting the greenery to eye level. Wall hangings add a boho, calming, yet free-spirited feel and they look so elegant with flower displays at weddings. 

Macrame is the antithesis of the cookie cutter items that are churned out of machines, all matching, all perfect. Macrame has to be made by hand. You can visually see and feel each knot that was made by its very maker. I think that is why it is so appealing. 

I am inspired by nomadic peoples, bohemians, adventure, camping and road trips. I also love textiles from indigenous people round the globe. The geometric shapes are so striking.  I love that many of the designs have stories and legends attached to them, adding meaning and beauty to items used every day.

Using natural materials is important to me. I use 100% cotton rope or string and hand selected driftwood from North Yorkshire. I love how the driftwood makes each piece unique and celebrates the treasures that Mother Earth leaves for us to find. I don't use anything synthetic in my work so it retains a more organic look and feel. 

I'm a mum of two gorgeous children and I live in Sheffield in the UK. I love camping and spending time outdoors. I'm generally a very resourceful person so if I'm not creating macrame, a lot of my crafting tends to involve up-cycling as I love to give things another life as something new that is treasured. 

If you have any questions or requests for custom orders or installations just pop me a message on the contact form.


Amy x