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Earth Mother – Large Bamboo Wall Hanging


Inspired by that lush feeling you get when you walk into one of mother earth’s beautiful jungles or a botanical greenhouse where you are immersed in green. I also wanted to create something that spoke from the bamboo fibre it’s self.

I have knotted a gorgeous leaf pattern with a central oak bead. She is a statement piece and the green is perfectly paired for an indoor jungle plant kinda vibe. Green is a healing colour and on the chakras is known to be associated with love and the heart. She will create a feeling of calm and healing in your space.

This piece is made from bamboo fibre on a bamboo pole. It is incredibly soft so it not only provides beautiful statement art for your home or work space but it also gives a soft texture for your walls that is super satisfying to touch.

w: 100cm x h: 100cm

Sold Out!


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