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Heather – 5mm Luxe Cotton String


A beautiful soft mauve tone reminiscent of windswept heather moors. A pale purple that sits between violet and pink on the colour wheel. It evokes the timeless feeling of florals and romance without being overly pink.

A makers staple, this lovely soft single twist string has such a luxurious feel. Made from lots of thin individual threads which are gently twisted together into one strand. The string glides through your fingers and is kinder to your hands than rope. Can be brushed out with ease to make stunning fringes and tassels.  

Tips: When combing out fringe, use a wire pet brush for fast results. A cheap hairdressers comb will also do nicely. Cut fringes with a pair of sharp scissors. 

Suitable for macrame, weaving, knitting and crochet. 

Weight: 500g spool 
Length: 95m 
100% cotton 
Oeko Tex Certified 
Origin: Turkey

Sold Out!


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