Luxe Coloured Cotton String


This luxurious cotton is next level soft. Its ability to create beautiful soft fine fringe is unsurpassed. Only available through Hitch & Arrow in the UK, this string was designed by industry experts using only the finest quality cotton.

Once you feel how soft it is, you won’t believe it. No rope burn here! The twist is super gentle which makes the fridge much easier to comb out. The finish of the fringe is out of this world. It is so high quality and smooth it really makes your work stand out. The knot lines appear to blend together and the overall appearance is of pure luxury. This makes it perfect for wall art. Truly a stunning medium to work with.

Sometimes requires a little re-twist as you work to ensure the threads stay nice and smooth. The string is also suitable for other fibre arts such as weaving, knitting and crochet.

Available in natural raw as well as a range of beautiful colours.

Weight: 1kg and 2kg spool

Length (1kg)
3mm = 300m approx
5mm = 180 approx

Length (2kg)
3mm  = 650m approx.
5mm = 420m approx.

Natural Raw – £19.50 for 1kg roll // £39 for 2kg roll

Colours – £25 for 1kg roll // £50 for 2kg roll

FREE SHIPPING (UK only) on all cotton when you spend over £100. Use the code FREESHIP100

Please ensure you purchase enough of each colour from each restock as each dye run has slight variations.

4mm Twisted Rope

This 3 ply rope is perfect for Macrame and other fibre arts. It comes in 4mm size which works really well for both plant hangers and wall art. 

The fringe can be unraveled (see close up picture) for wavy fringe or brushed out for more finer fringe.

Type: 3ply rope
Size: 4mm
Weight: 1kg
Length: 170 metres


Makers Pack

For macrame artists that love to save and buy in bulk. I now have the option of buying 3 x 2kg rolls of my gorgeous Raw Luxe Cotton for £100, making a saving of £17 on the normal price. Brilliant for those that teach workshops too! A perfect makers staple.

Available in 3mm and 5mm sizes, which you can mix and match if you prefer. 

3mm – 2kg = 650 metres appox.

5mm – 2kg = 420 metres approx.

Includes FREE economy postage in the UK.